#118 | Voya ICAR & The Indexed UL Illustration War

10/31/18 Update - Voya will no longer issue new policies effective 12/31/18. Also, I've been hearing that some people are reading this article as if I'm a big fan of ICAR - that is not the case. It is a clever and effective way to increase illustrated performance in the crazy, bizarre, non-sensical world of the Indexed UL illustration. The real world is something entirely different. ICAR and other charge-funded multipliers in IUL products increase the leverage of the product to the underlying option profit assumption. If you think option profits are reasonably 50% or higher every year forever, then you'll love ICAR. If not (and I definitely don't), then you should avoid it and other charge-funded multipliers like the plague and stick to simple, straightforward, purist products if you're going to sell Indexed UL. But either way, you should definitely read this article because even though Voya is getting out of the business, other companies are already planning on copying the design and deploying it in their own products.