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brown ropes

#402 | The Long Tail of Portfolio Yields

Ever since interest rates started to increase in 2022, there has been much speculation about how long it would take to see material increases in carrier portfolio yields. The simple answer is that life insurers have an average maturity in their portfolios of around 10 years. Theoretically, that means it…

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brown ropes

#402 | The Long Tail of Portfolio Yields

Ever since interest rates started to increase in 2022, there has been much speculation about how long it would take…

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#396 | Lincoln’s IUL Challenge

Full Article Lincoln’s history in Indexed UL is an interesting one. Lincoln was one of the first companies to introduce…

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#391 | The VUL Fund Divide

Over the past couple of weeks, both Penn Mutual and Prudential have released updated versions of their VUL policies. The…

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#390 | Pacific Life Turns the Tide

This week, Pacific Life announced that it’s going to do something that it hasn’t done since February of 2011 –…

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#400 | MassMutual Apex VUL

When MassMutual rolled out Apex VUL in 2021, the name was unintentionally ironic. If you’re going to roll out a…

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#398 | Universal Life Outside the Lines

Over the past few weeks, two stalwarts of independent distribution – John Hancock and Pacific Life – have released new…

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#395 | Nationwide High Par 5

Full Article It’s been an interesting run for Nationwide New Heights IUL, which theoretically piggybacks on the massive success of…

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#394 | The Curious Case of the MassMutual 8 Pay

One of the most obvious impacts of the change to the Section 7702 interest rates implemented at the beginning of…

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#399 | The Simple Case for Permanent Life Insurance

I’ve noticed that some things have changed since I’ve gotten older. A few rogue gray hairs are sprouting up over…

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#388 | 2023 in Review

Looking back over a year’s worth of articles is always fun and gratifying. There were 44 articles published on The…

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#345 | 2022 in Review

With 2022 in the rearview mirror, I thought I’d go back through the full list of articles and give a…

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Survey Responses & TLPR Update

Thanks to those of you who generously took the time to fill out the survey that I sent out earlier…

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#401 | Assurance IQ and the End of an Era

Prudential’s first quarter earnings release held a simultaneously shocking and yet completely predictable announcement – Assurance IQ is being formally…

#393 | The Other IUL Market

Back in June of last year, I published #365 | The Other Whole Life Marketabout the stunning rise of Final…

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#392 | The Crown Jewel

2/13/24 Update - An astute reader shot me a note with a couple of additional comments with considering. First, he…

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#384 | Global Atlantic Axes In-Force Rates

Ask anyone who is fundamentally skeptical about Indexed UL why they feel that way and, invariably, they’ll bring up the…

Episode 21
December 14, 2020

Episode 21

Interview with Mike Pepe and Kris Beck of Proformex about the…

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Episode 20
September 21, 2020

Episode 20

Interview with Jon Mendelsohn, CEO and Founder of Ashar Group,…

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Episode 19
September 7, 2020

Episode 19

Interview with Jim Benson, former CEO of John Hancock, CEO…

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Episode 18
August 24, 2020

Episode 18

Interview with Dick Weber of Ethical Edge Consulting on what…

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