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#327 | The Making of a Juggernaut – Integrity buys Annexus

Quick Take Integrity buying Annexus was the acquisition heard ’round the insurance industry. The immediate prediction was that Integrity plans to use Annexus to build proprietary products for Integrity. While that may be true, I think it misses a finer point – Annexus is more of a marketing firm than…

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#324 | The True Cost of Engineered Indices

Quick Take For all of their real, purported and back-tested benefits, engineered indices come at a cost in the form…

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#322 | Crossover

Earlier this morning, I sent out an email to all past and present subscribers to The Life Product Review asking…

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#320 | Fait Accompli – Prudential and Equitable File Registered Index-Linked ULs

Note: This post uses the term “structured” to describe index-linked crediting strategies with some level of index-linked downside risk, but…

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#318 | The Next Wave of Whole Life

When the changes to 7702 came into effect in 2021, probably the only thing that was immediately obvious to everyone…

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#326 | Prestige 10 Pay – The New Ohio National’s New Product

Quick Take Despite recent layoffs in key field-facing positions and the punitive new open block dividend formula, Ohio National leadership…

#325 | Penn Mutual Bucks the Trend

Quick Take Despite the fact that the entire Indexed UL market seems to be flocking to engineered indices, Penn Mutual…

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#319 | Lincoln LifeGoals VUL

At this point, there’s broad recognition that there should be a natural fit between the tax properties and investment flexibility…

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#309 | Nationwide Advisory VUL

In the early 2000s, a little company in Louisville called Jefferson National began to make a serious splash in the…

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Survey Responses & TLPR Update

Thanks to those of you who generously took the time to fill out the survey that I sent out earlier…

#246 | The Architect Fallacy

Years ago, I was invited as a guest to a meeting of a distributor’s top agents to decide how to…

#242 | Prudential Files a VUL Protector Reprice

At the end of a recent 4-part article series on the two products with a duopoly on the Guaranteed VUL…

#239 | Filed: PacLife PDX Class Action Lawsuit

I’ve uploaded the lawsuit and you can read it by clicking here. While working at MetLife, I was struck by…

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#327 | The Making of a Juggernaut – Integrity buys Annexus

Quick Take Integrity buying Annexus was the acquisition heard ’round the insurance industry. The immediate prediction was that Integrity plans…

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#323 | The Real New Ohio National

Quick Take With the Q1 2022 statutory filing, the playbook for Constellation’s purchase of Ohio National is becoming increasingly clear.…

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#321 | Midland National and the Legacy of Flat COIs

A subscriber reached out to tell me that a Midland National representative told him that the block referenced in this…

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#308 | The New Ohio National

Almost a year ago to the day, Ohio National announced that it had agreed to be acquired by Constellation, an…

Episode 21
December 14, 2020

Episode 21

Interview with Mike Pepe and Kris Beck of Proformex about the…

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Episode 20
September 21, 2020

Episode 20

Interview with Jon Mendelsohn, CEO and Founder of Ashar Group,…

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Episode 19
September 7, 2020

Episode 19

Interview with Jim Benson, former CEO of John Hancock, CEO…

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Episode 18
August 24, 2020

Episode 18

Interview with Dick Weber of Ethical Edge Consulting on what…

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