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Guest Article – David Lewis on IBC

I get lots of emails from subscribers - but no one emails me more than David Lewis, a "rogue agent" based a few hours up the road from me outside of Raleigh. Over the years, I've come to appreciate David's creative but technical approach to selling life insurance. He brands…

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#339 | The New Breed of Protection-Oriented IUL

Quick Take Historically, there was a clear distinction between protection-oriented and accumulation-oriented Universal Life products. The latter tended to have…

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#334 | Whole Life Through the Lens of a UL Believer

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been doing a weekly webinar for AIN* that Jeff Reed, AIN’s maestro of content,…

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#330 | IUL Cap Divergence

This article is protected by copyright and the terms of this website. If you share it with non-subscribers without written…

#328 | Rising Rates and Section 7702

This article is protected by copyright and the terms of this website. If you share it with non-subscribers without written…

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#341 | Prudential FlexGuard IVUL

Quick Take Prudential FlexGuard IVUL is the second (after Equitable MSO, which has been in market largely unchanged since 2010)…

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#338 | New York Life Wealth Plus

Quick Take New York Life's new Secure Wealth Plus is a direct competitor to Mass Mutual and Guardian in the…

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#337 | Protection UL 22 and The Allure of Alts

Quick Take Since 2011, John Hancock has successfully sold Protection UL as an ultra-cheap protection product fueled by a diversified…

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#332 | Ohio National Prestige Indexed Whole Life

Quick Take Ohio National's new Prestige Indexed Whole Life appears to blend the best of both worlds - the guarantees…

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Survey Responses & TLPR Update

Thanks to those of you who generously took the time to fill out the survey that I sent out earlier…

#246 | The Architect Fallacy

Years ago, I was invited as a guest to a meeting of a distributor’s top agents to decide how to…

#242 | Prudential Files a VUL Protector Reprice

At the end of a recent 4-part article series on the two products with a duopoly on the Guaranteed VUL…

#239 | Filed: PacLife PDX Class Action Lawsuit

I've uploaded the lawsuit and you can read it by clicking here. While working at MetLife, I was struck by…

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#336 | The Return of Guaranteed UL?

Quick Take It's tempting to think that rising rates will necessarily result in the return of cheap Guaranteed UL, but…

#327 | The Making of a Juggernaut – Integrity buys Annexus

This article is protected by copyright and the terms of this website. If you share it with non-subscribers without written…

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#323 | The Real New Ohio National

Q2 Update - In Ohio National's Q2 statutory statement, they disclosed a $279 million dividend paid to the holding company…

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#321 | Midland National and the Legacy of Flat COIs

A subscriber reached out to tell me that a Midland National representative told him that the block referenced in this…

Episode 21
December 14, 2020

Episode 21

Interview with Mike Pepe and Kris Beck of Proformex about the…

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Episode 20
September 21, 2020

Episode 20

Interview with Jon Mendelsohn, CEO and Founder of Ashar Group,…

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Episode 19
September 7, 2020

Episode 19

Interview with Jim Benson, former CEO of John Hancock, CEO…

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Episode 18
August 24, 2020

Episode 18

Interview with Dick Weber of Ethical Edge Consulting on what…

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