James Christie | Help Wanted: Employ Your Retirement

Business owners are used to talking in terms of employees.  They hire, fire, and manage employees as much as any other aspect of their business. This vernacular makes sense to them.  What they don’t talk about every day is life insurance.  So, if you have the opportunity to get in front of a business owner, why walk in and start talking about IUL? It doesn’t make sense. 

But what if you could walk in and talk about how you could source an employee for them that could help generate potential tax-free income for them to use at retirement?  Would that business owner be more open to a conversation with you?  I know for a fact that answer is yes, this script works.  Since I created it a few years ago I have received countless pieces of feedback from producers around the country telling me about how this broke down the barriers with their business owner clients.

Take a look at the script below, it is very simple and easy to use. Also, there have been many variations of this type of approach over the last few decades.  I didn’t invent this, but it is my take on how to apply it to a business owner. Remember the cup of coffee conversation? This is the same type of method.


“Mr./Mrs. Business owner, what if I told you that you could hire an employee for $10/hour and their only job was to generate potential tax-free income for you at retirement, is that something you would like to hear more about? (They say yes. Trust me they will.)

This employee never takes vacation, never calls in sick, no HR issues and no training needed. Their only job is to generate potential tax-free income that you can use throughout your life.

At $10/hour that is $400 per week, $1,733 per month and $20,800 per year.

We are going to sign this employee into a long-term agreement that you are in control of. You can pay them less, give them raises or even stop paying them altogether. Again, YOU are in control and have quite a bit of flexibility in this employment arrangement.

Matter of fact this $10/hour employee has the potential to generate over a million dollars of tax-free income that you can use in your business or to supplement your own retirement income plan. 100% tax- free.

If you are interested, I can work with my staffing consultants and find the best employee for your business.

Is that something that would interest you?”

What do you do next?  This is very important. Don’t say anything, just wait.

I guarantee the next question is, well who is this employee? How does it work?

Now you got them.

The employee as you could imagine is life insurance, specifically cash value life insurance.  I would typically run an IUL because of the downside protection with the upside potential and make sure it is from a highly rated company and run it at conservative RATES to deliver the results discussed.  This clearly works extremely well for younger business owners but can also be compelling for older business owners if healthy.  Target market is really 30-55 but could be 55+ if they don’t need to take income for at least 10 years, the longer the better in terms of making the economics work.

Make sure to have at least a sample output to show them so they can see the actual values and then start the conversation about next steps to get moving with sourcing the employee. (filling out an application.) I like to make the numbers work so you have $10/hour and over a million in total supplemental income, this really grabs their attention.

But you can really use any numbers.  Some employers may hire employees at $20/hr.  This makes your job easier and could lead to a better sale, so do some research ahead of time on their market and try to match the current salary for open positions in their space.

You can own this marketplace by talking about how they can employ their retirement. Give it a try.