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Carrier Membership Options

Thanks for your interest in a Carrier Membership to The Life Product Review.

Each Membership option entails a specified number of usernames that will able to access the site. After a membership has been purchased for the primary user, the rest of the usernames will be set up on the Group Membership pagePer the Terms of Service for the site, absolutely no content may be shared within the Carrier. Anyone wishing to access the content on the site must have their own username and password. If you wish to have more than 25 usernames under your account, please contact us directly for a custom arrangement.


Carrier - 2 Seat License
$1,950 / Year
Carrier - 5 Seat License
$4,000 / Year
Carrier - 10 Seat License
$7,500 / Year
Carrier - 25 Seat License
$15,000 / Year