#88 | PacLife PDX – Post 9 – In Closing

When I started writing about PDX, I had absolutely no idea that it would take 9 posts and 16,000 words to unpack it. Writing each post was like walking into a room with a hidden passage that can only be discovered after exploring every little dark corner of the room. And once you find the passage, you have to walk through it to explore the next room and find the next passage. Hence, 7 posts that I honestly believe are essential to understanding this product and that I could not have left out. And there are still some hidden passages that I can see but can’t walk down. I know that there’s a formula for the QX Factor but I don’t know what it is. I know that PacLife calibrated the charges in PDX to the Guideline Level Premium, but I don’t know how they came up what percentage of GLP to use. These are questions that, in the final reckoning, can be left unanswered. They just are what they are.